Electric Car charging points in Poundbury

Innovative Technology

A Poundbury based eco-company has been working on a range of sustainable energy solutions for residents. This includes power walls that can help homeowners become more sustainable by generating electricity by sunlight in the day and powering the home in the evening. Other homeowners have had electric car and bike charging points installed.

A popular e-bike shop in Poundbury champions the benefits of e-bikes in the community. A Poundbury based eco-energy company offers a solar slate product that has an aesthetic appeal, a wall battery and even an external solar office design, which also powers the home.


There are two public car charging points in Queen Mother Square. The unit is a Rolec Sercuricharge and tokens can be purchased in the garden centre and restaurant for £1, with more planned across the site.

Provision has been incorporated in all new houses now being built at Poundbury for EV charging points.