Couple walking through Woodland Crescent

Green Space

Poundbury was designed with green space in mind. There are walking routes linking to the network of footpaths in the surrounding countryside, sports areas, children’s playgrounds and sports pitches. Access to the south leads to the historic Maiden Castle.


  • Woodlands Crescent (with Play Area)
  • Holmead Walk (with Play Area and Pétanque court)
  • Hayward Square
  • Pavilion Green
  • Two allotment areas
  • Community Orchard

The Great Field

This area of some 12 ha (30 acres), provides a wonderfully varied new open space for the residents of not only Poundbury, but the whole of Dorchester and wider.  The last year has seen a significant planting scheme with more than 400 trees, 15,000 shrubs and and new wild flower meadows established. A mixed use games area and outdoor gym equipment already exist and in 2021 a fabulous new play area will be added.  Planning permission has been approved and the equipment will be erected later this year. The Pavilion (PiP), housing the cafe and headquarters of the Alcohol Educational Trust, opened in April 2021.

    Relaxing in Poundbury
    Woodland Crescent park in Poundbury
    Poundbury Boule - Copyright Lara Jane Thorpe
    The Great Field
    Holmead Walk
    Holmead Walk play area
    Apple trees in Poundbury
    Park at Holmead Walk
    Poundbury bee hives
    Poundbury allotments
    Geese on Poundbury allotments
    Marsden Street, Poundbury
    Fitness equipment on The Great Field
    The Great Field
    Hamslade Green
    Poundbury allotments