Poundbury bollard

Management Companies (MANCOs)

There are four Estate Management Companies ( MANCOs 1, 2, 3 and 4) covering Poundbury.

  • As areas are completed, the MANCOs become responsible for the upkeep of the unadopted communal elements – those parts not adopted and maintained by the local authorities.
  • Residential and commercial occupiers are issued with shares and voting rights for their respective MANCO areas (1 share per residential property and shares proportional to the gross internal floor space of non-residential premises).
  • An annual estate charge is levied, please see the MANCO website for further details.
  • AGMs cover approval of accounts and corporate governance matters, together with topical matters relating to communal areas such as courtyards – including their lighting, cleaning and tree maintenance.
  • The MANCOs are operated by the Directors, including those elected from shareholders (Resident Directors) alongside Duchy of Cornwall representation. Affordable Housing providers are encouraged to represent their Poundbury tenants at meetings.
  • The MANCO remit in their communal areas, once aspects are completed and transferred to MANCO responsibility, includes surface water drainage, soakaways, manholes, gullies, television signal (T2 Digital), lighting columns, bollards, pocket planting, surface management and other routine maintenance including litter picking, trees, tree pits and tree grilles. Please see the MANCO website for further information or contact the Duchy of Cornwall office if unsure as to responsibility.


For expediency, please contact the MANCOs through their website www.poundburymanco.co.uk

Symonds and Sampson are the Managing Agents acting on behalf of the MANCOs – 01305 756968