Buttermarket, Poundbury

A walkable community

In Poundbury, the public realm is designed around people rather than cars to help create a pleasant environment and a series of well connected streets and squares. The principles of Poundbury’s streets and squares have inspired town planners all over the world.

The irregular design of streets constrain car speeds, and by minimising road signs, the motorist and pedestrian are required to think about how to interact with each other.

Mixed Use Development

Poundbury integrates residential, retail and business uses with public amenities, so many people are able to live and work without the reliance on motor vehicles.

Most daily needs can be met on foot, but there is nevertheless ample provision for car parking with very little restrictions, which business surveys suggest is one of the strongest reasons for locating to Poundbury.

Parking is generally provided in landscaped courtyards at the rear of properties which also incorporate housing and coach houses with ancillary spaces for playrooms and workshops. Provision for these extra spaces recognises the increasing demands for flexible living arrangements and allows people to work from home.

Integrating small workshop and retail spaces into larger blocks has encouraged a lot of small independent, artisan businesses to start up and thrive in Poundbury alongside more established professional services and industrial businesses.

Open Quotemark

At Poundbury the entire Masterplan was based upon placing the pedestrian, and not the car, at the centre of the design. 

The Prince of Wales

    Poundbury Phase 1 - Copyright Duchy of Cornwall
    View towards Queen Mother Square
    Queen Mother Square Poundbury
    View towards Queen Mother Square
    Lady walking through Woodland Crescent Park
    Poundbury Woodland Crescent