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Community Clubs & Associations

More than 30 years into the build, there are now more than 4,850 people living and 2,400 people working, in Poundbury. There is a range of community groups such as drama clubs, a choir, hobby clubs, WI, a popular weekly toddler playgroup, gardening and walking groups. The early involvement of the local businesses and residents has helped to create a place with a strong community spirit, meeting the needs, desires and aspirations of people and engendering civic pride.

There are two different allotments with their own societies and a thriving business community, who often arrange events for local residents such as the Christmas Market, Easter egg hunt and community picnics.

Every August the Dorset Food & Arts Festival is held, a very popular event attracting thousands of people and promoting local artisan food and drink.

A strongly supported Christian Community Church relocated to Poundbury in 2018 and provides space for community groups as well as worship. Another community space open for reflection is The Quiet Space, established by the local Christian churches and available to the community.

Poundbury Residents Association (PRA)

The PRA (Love Poundbury) is for all residents of Poundbury and is managed by a committee of local residents who are passionate about the community spirit in Poundbury and committed to making Poundbury a great place to live, work and play. Members are kept informed on developments and events with a regular e-newsletter.

The committee represents all sections of the community. The Open Meetings held every three months being an effective forum for information and consultation. The PRA plans events and works alongside the Poundbury business community. There is no membership fee to join the Association.

For more information and joining details, see the PRA website or contact them using the post box at The Brace of Butchers, Poundbury.

Jubilee Hall

Jubilee Hall, off Queen Mother Square, is available for community events such as exhibitions, farmer’s markets and similar activities less suited to the mainstream facilities such as the Brownsword Hall. Bookings should be made through the Duchy of Cornwall offices: poundbury@duchyofcornwall.org or 01305 250 533.


The Hall incorporates structural elements of  the Royal Jubilee Hall from the nearby town of Weymouth.

The original Jubilee Hall was erected in 1887 with much local pride, to commemorate the 50 year reign of HM Queen Victoria. Having served as a music hall and theatre, it was demolished in 1989 to make way for a town centre retail development.

The Duchy of Cornwall recovered the historic cast iron columns and brackets and incorporated them in the modern Jubilee Hall at Kings Point House.

    The Jubilee Hall
    Poundbury Christmas Market team 2
    Square dance in Poundbury
    BBQ time at the Brace of Butchersa