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Anaerobic Digester Plant - Rainbarrow Farm

Rainbarrow Farm is the UK’s first commercial biomethane-to-grid plant, currently generating enough gas to flow to 5,320 houses mid-winter and 59,150 houses mid-summer. A significant upgrading process in 2019 means the output is expected to increase to power 7,250 houses in winter and 80,600 houses in summer by the end of 2019.

Biogas produced at Rainbarrow Farm was first cleaned and injected as biomethane into the National Grid on 11 October 2012. A joint venture partnership was formed (JV Energen LLP) between the Duchy of Cornwall, a local farmer who needed more sustainable break crops and fertiliser sources, and Active Business Partnerships. JV Energen, The Duchy of Cornwall were presented with the UK’s first ever Green Gas Certificates.

A recent development at Rainbarrow Farm means that the digestate – the material left at the end of the AD process – can be sold and used as a nutrient rich bio-fertiliser, which helps farmers and gardeners to reduce reliance on more costly, oil derived fertilisers.

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Here is a graphic to describe the Anaerobic Digester (AD) process at Rainbarrow Farm

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At Poundbury the entire Masterplan was based upon placing the pedestrian, and not the car, at the centre of the design. 

The Prince of Wales



Brace of Butchers wins national Best Butcher award

Brace of Butchers wins national Best Butcher award

The Brace of Butchers is awarded Butcher of the Year in the Farm Shop and Deli Awards 2020, following their previous award of Newcomer of the Year in 2017

CG Fry & Son Site Manager once again wins prestigious award for Poundbury

CG Fry & Son Site Manager once again wins prestigious award for Poundbury

CG Fry & Son is once again celebrating the outstanding achievement of its Poundbury development Site Manager, Steve Walker, named as the Supreme Winner at the prestigious NHBC Pride in the Job Awards

Christmas events in Poundbury draw in the crowds

Christmas events in Poundbury draw in the crowds

Thousands of festive shoppers have flocked to Poundbury this season for Christmas community events.



Poundbury is designed to create a sustainable community which achieves an attractive, modern and pleasing place in which people can live, work, shop and play. Particular emphasis is placed on the quality of place making through time honoured principles, urban design, landscaping and the selection of materials. 

Every day hundreds of craftsman, specialist contractors and professionals work on the buildings and infrastructure at Poundbury. From urban designers to plumbers, builders and apprentices, many have learnt their trade in Poundbury. CG Fry’s Steve Walker has been working here since its conception and wins awards year after year for his management and remarkable knowledge of the project and its delivery.

Local firms hosted a Careers Open Day Initiative in Poundbury in May 2019. The aim of this event was to highlight the employment and training opportunities available in the Construction Industry, particularly in Dorset.

  • Poundbury master craftsmen
  • Sunset on Poundbury house
  • Sunset over Queen Mother Square, Poundbury
  • The Duchess of Cornwall Inn