Duchy of Cornwall

Poundbury Employment survey 2023

During February 2023, the Duchy of Cornwall has been contacting local businesses as part of the Employment Survey for 2023. The information is used to capture the extent and breadth of the economic landscape at Poundbury, with the added opportunity at their choice, for businesses to be promoted to both residents and visitors.

The survey usually takes place each year, however due to the disruption of the COVID pandemic it was suspended for the last two years.

We are aware that many new businesses have now established themselves in Poundbury. Whilst we aim to include everyone, we are concerned that some might be missed.

If your business is registered at a Poundbury address and you have not yet received a letter from the Duchy you can complete an online survey This survey also enables you to add your details to the business directory which is designed to help publicise your business.