The Great Field

The Great Field is the largest area of green space in Poundbury. The field is easily accessible from both Poundbury and the older parts of Dorchester, with direct access from Damers First School. The southern part of the field already featured sports pitches, a multi-use games area and outdoor gym equipment, prior to significant enhancement in 2020 to 2022.

This work has included

  • planting of over 400 trees and some 26,000 shrubs and hedging plants
  • establishment of further wildflower areas
  • a network of paths
  • opening of the Great Field Pavilion – providing a cafĂ© for visitors and the headquarters of a superb Dorset based charity (the Alcohol Education Trust)
  • benches and rubbish bins
  • amphitheatre in front of the school
  • the magnificent new play area, with equipment suitable for toddlers through to teenagers
New play area installed in 2022

New play area installed in 2022

    New play area installed in 2022 Aerial photo of play area The Great Field with St John's Way in the distance The Great Field with Damers First School in the distance New play area installed in 2022 The Great Field in the snow Network of tracks Wildflower meadow Planting in 2020