Phase 1

Pummery Square forms the ‘hub’ of Phase 1, also linking through to the Victoria Park development to the east. The permeable network of roads, alleyways and parking courtyards in Phase 1 fan out from the hub to give immediacy to the facilities within the Square.

The dominant building is the Brownsword Hall, designed by John Simpson, in the idiom of a traditional West Country market hall. The upper chamber is effectively Poundbury’s community hall, managed by the Poundbury Village Hall Trust and available for community, private and commercial events.

The surface of the Square is managed by the Brownsword Hall and is used for occasional public and theatrical events as well as a car park.

The other buildings fronting the Square are commercial on the ground floor and residential above. Significant buildings are The Poet Laureate Public House, Poundbury Village Stores, Café Octagon, The Poundbury Clinic, and a number of small boutique shops and services.

Architects: John Simpson, Leigh Brooks, David Oliver, Ben Pentreath, Philip Storey, Andy Kunz.

Holmead Walk in Phase 1 looks over the fields to the historic Maiden Castle

Holmead Walk in Phase 1 looks over the fields to the historic Maiden Castle

    Holmead Walk in Phase 1 looks over the fields to the historic Maiden Castle Families playing on the Pétanque area in Holmead Walk Gardens Poundbury Village Stores is at the heart of Pummery Square in Phase 1 The Poet Laureate in Pummery Square The undercroft of The Brownsword Hall Holmead Walk Typical street scene in Phase 1 A business located in Holmead Walk A children's play area in Holmead Walk A home in Burraton Square


Poundbury is designed to create a sustainable community which achieves an attractive, modern and pleasing place in which people can live, work, shop and play. Particular emphasis is placed on the quality of place making through time honoured principles, urban design, landscaping and the selection of materials. 

Every day hundreds of craftsman, specialist contractors and professionals work on the buildings and infrastructure at Poundbury. From urban designers to plumbers, builders and apprentices, many have learnt their trade in Poundbury. CG Fry’s Steve Walker has been working here since its conception and wins awards year after year for his management and remarkable knowledge of the project and its delivery.

Local firms hosted a Careers Open Day Initiative in Poundbury in May 2019. The aim of this event was to highlight the employment and training opportunities available in the Construction Industry, particularly in Dorset.

  • Poundbury master craftsmen
  • Sunset on Poundbury house
  • Sunset over Queen Mother Square, Poundbury
  • The Duchess of Cornwall Inn