North East & Northern Quadrants

On completion in 2020, this quadrant will have delivered 550 homes (generating an average density of 33 dwellings/ha) ranging from five-bedroom houses to one-bedroom apartments. 35% of the homes are built for affordable rent, shared ownership and discounted homes for first time buyers.

The site covers 15.8ha of which 0.65ha are green space within the development boundary. This includes 5,000m² of employment space.

The North East Quadrant follows the principles set out in previous phases of the development and taken up in the Poundbury Development Brief – published by West Dorset District Council in 2006.

The first homes in Poundbury’s newest square Crown Square opened in April 2018.

In 2017 Damers First School relocated to its new home in the North East Quadrant, on the edge of The Great Field. The school now has the space required to grow into a four form entry first school for 600 pupils. The school was designed by Dorset County Council in accordance with baseline principles. The school features many innovative spaces such as an eco space for children to grow plants, outdoor reading areas and access onto Dorchester’s largest green space, The Great Field.

Dukes Parade

Dukes Parade

    Dukes Parade Hayward Square The newly relocated building for the Dorchester Community Church Hamslade Square in the North East Quadrant Yarlington's Melrose Court - shared ownership accommodation for over 55s Liscombe Street Housing in the North East Quadrant Damers First School Aerial photograph of Damers First School on the left and the North East Quadrant to the west Hayward Square A selection of housing in the North East Quadrant