Duchy of Cornwall

Poundbury residents will have seen a great deal of activity on the Great Field in recent months. The area has been well used by the community in the glorious Spring weather and an update on what has been achieved and what is still to come, would seem appropriate.


Over 300 trees and 15,000 shrubs and hedge plants have been established since last November. Planting is now completed for this season, the remaining balance of trees and shrubs have been ordered and are reserved with the suppliers for planting from Autumn 2020. A species list is provided below.

Following the very wet time earlier in the year, we have had very little rain in the last two months and the new planting is being closely monitored. Regular watering has been established and Bloomin Amazing (from the Poundbury bio-methane energy plant) together with a heavy bark mulch, have been applied to all plantings. This will provide additional nutrients and assist moisture retention.

Work to restore the surface where damage occurred during planting of trees in the wet conditions, has been undertaken.


The wild flower seeding has been carried out under the guidance of Miles King (of People Need Nature).  The coming months will see the seeding over the northern section of the field become firmly established. Drainage infrastructure works adjacent to Dukes Parade are now completed and that area has also been sown with a wild flower mix.

Paths and play equipment

Paths in the northern part of the field are planned to be laid from July. The play equipment and amphitheatre programme has been updated and work is scheduled to start in April 2021, with completion targeted for the summer holidays.


Work on the Pavilion is expected to start in July and should be completed by January 2021.


Almost all the open space has remained accessible to the public during the Covid 19 lockdown, proving it to be a really valuable daily exercise area, for young and old.

The intention is to maintain this access during the remainder of the work and we appreciate the co-operation of all involved. Please would you continue to respect all fencing, barriers and directions – they will be there either for your safety or to protect new planting areas. Undertaking the final elements of planting and building the play equipment next year, will see the Great Field completed in 2021.

Thanks should go to the many people who have worked with us to date on the project, including Forrest & Tree Care, Heritage Seeds, and Wessex Ground Services. Also to the officers of Dorchester Town Council, Fabrik Landscape designers and People Need Nature, all of who have collaborated and advised us on the development of the Great Field.


Planting schedule


  • Tilia tomemtosa ‘Petiolaris’ (Weeping silver lime)
  • Tilia platyphyllos ‘Rubra’ (Red twigged lime)
  • Tilia cordata ‘Winters Orange’ and Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’ (Small leaved limes)
  • Sorbus torminalis (Wild service tree)
  • Sorbus aria ‘Magnifica’ (Whitebeam)
  • Salix alba ‘Chermesina’  / Salix alba ‘Tristis’ (Willows)
  • Quercus robur (English oak)
  • Quercus ilex (Evergreen (Holm) oak)
  • Pyrus communis ‘Beech Hill’  / Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’  (Pears)
  • Populus tremula  (Aspen)
  • Prunus serrula tibetica / Prunus avium (Cherries)
  • Pinus sylvestris (Scotts pine)
  • Platanus x hispanica (London plane)
  • Malus ‘Street Parade’ / Malus d. ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ / Malus ‘Royalty’ (Apples)
  • Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’ (Copper beech)
  • Carpinus betulus ‘Frans Fontaine’ (Common hornbeam)
  • Betula utilis jacquemontii / Betula nigra / Betula pendula (Birches)
  • Acer – platanoides ‘Summershade’ / ‘Royal Red’ / ‘Olmsted’ / ‘Fairview’ / ‘Deborah’ / ‘Crimson King’ (Norway maples)
  • Acer griseum / cappadocicum ‘Rubrum’ / pseudoplatanus ‘Spaethii’ / campestre (Maples)
  • Amelanchier lamarckii (Juneberry/Serviceberry)
  • Alnus incana ‘Aurea’ / Alnus glutinosa ‘Aurea’ (Alders)

Shrubs and hedging plants

  • Carpinus Betulus (Hornbeam)
  • Fagus Sylvatica (Beech)
  • Cornus Sanguinea (Dogwood)
  • Crataegus Monogyna (Hawthorn)
  • Euonymos Europineus (Spindle)
  • Ligustrum Vulgare (Privet)
  • Ilex Aquifolium (Holly)
  • Viburnum Opulus (Guelder rose)